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How to Combat Congested Skin - Vayda Organics

How to Combat Congested Skin

Have you been experiencing congested skin and clogged pores this summer..? 

Below we share why this could be occurring and how a few small changes will make a big difference! 


How does the skin become congested?

Clogged pores occur when there is a build-up of dead skin that hasn’t been able to shed properly. When you produce sweat and excess oil onto the skin it can create a build-up causing blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. This can worsen when the climate is hot as you produce more sweat. 


What’s going on with your skin?

Usually if this occurs your skin is dry/dehydrated and in need of moisture, so the skin produces more oil which unfortunately gets trapped in the pores of your skin - a mixture of makeup, sweat, excess oil, dirt and bacteria can cause a lot of havoc in the form of nasty breakouts and the formation of blackheads and whiteheads across the face. 


What can you do?

The goal is to gently clean the skin, minimising any further congestion which will then start the healing process and get your skin back on track. The skin industry is becoming more educated on the topic and is turning to gentle but effective natural and organic clean beauty products. 


The big things to remember are:


  • Don’t use harsh chemical cleansers as this can strip the skin of its natural oils putting your sebum production into overdrive. This means more oil production on the skin = higher chance of congested pores.


  • Don’t over exfoliate! This is a common misconception as most people believe that they have to scrub the congestion away. This is not the case! If you over exfoliate this can traumatise the epidermis, strip the skin of its natural oils and lead to poor wound healing and infection. If you keep the exfoliating to once or twice a week and continue to use a gentle cleanser (that will balance your sebum production) you will see your congestion clear. 


  • Also keep in mind the other skincare products you are using - serums, toners, masks etc. we recommend to always look at the ingredients in your products and educate yourself.. Knowledge is power! 


Final Note… the goal is to balance your oil/sebum production with a gentle cleanser, don’t over exfoliate and try to keep your beauty and skin products as clean as you possibly can! 

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