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The Potential Health Effects of Chemical Ridden Skincare Products - Vayda Organics

The Health Effects of Chemical Ridden Skincare

‘60 percent of what we put onto our skin is absorbed into our bodies’ - Michelle Persad.

In today’s saturated skincare industry it can really become confusing as to what is good and not so good for your skin. Consumers can become overwhelmed with all the fancy marketing, packaging and promises, thinking that they are purchasing one thing but in reality can be buying products that will cause more harm than good. 


In this blog post I share a few of the main chemicals that you need to look out for when purchasing new skincare or cleaning out your bathroom cupboards and beauty bags.


It’s always important to be aware of what you’re putting on your skin and whether your skincare and beauty products are helping or hindering your health. A lot of skincare products can contain harmful chemicals and cheap ingredients that act as fillers and don’t support your skin and can even negatively impact your hormonal health.


There is so much new research coming out now about the negative impacts of chemical ridden products and how they can disrupt the balance of your body. I touch briefly on this below under ‘Chemical Sensitivities’ but encourage you to look further into this if it is something that interests you.


A few skincare ingredients to watch out for... 
  • Parabens - Are said to mimic the hormone estrogen and can disrupt hormonal regulation within the body.
  • Formaldehyde - Often used in cosmetics and can cause mild to severe skin irritation with some research suggesting its link to cancer.
  • Triclosan - Found in many mainstream skincare products with research suggesting that it can cause weakening of the immune system and hormonal dysfunctions. Those who have a high exposure may develop allergies, asthma and eczema.
  • Fragrances/Parfum - Can be made up of 100’s of different chemical ingredients that may cause skin irritation such as itchiness and redness.


“It’s much more expensive to buy organics ingredients, extracted from nature, then it is to buy barrels of synthetic compounds” - Jessica Assaf


Chemical Sensitivities

A 2016 survey conducted that on average women put 16 products on their face each day. Another study found that on average women apply 515 synthetic chemicals to their body per day from products such as cleansers, moisturises, lotions, shampoos, makeup, hair care etc. Chemical sensitivities are becoming more common with people experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, nausea, allergies, hormonal and immune disorders.


The best way to improve your overall wellbeing is to become informed and educate yourself as much as possible. It’s amazing how once you make a conscious effort to lower your chemical exposure, switch out your products to organic ones and improve the environment around you that your health and skin starts to improve.



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*Disclaimer - This blog post is for educational purposes only and is not to be treated as medical advice nor is it making any therapeutic or medical claims. Please always consult your GP/ Healthcare Professional for any serious health concerns.

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