Conscious Living Segment: Part 1 with Madilyn Wolens - Registered Nurse

July 18, 2019 2 min read

Conscious Living Segment: Part 1 with Madilyn Wolens - Registered Nurse - Vayda Organics

Conscious Living Segment: Part 1 with Madilyn Wolens - Registered Nurse  


The Vayda Organics Conscious Living Segment is a great opportunity for us to interview incredible Health + Wellness Professionals about how they live consciously in today’s fast paced world. Over the coming weeks we are fortunate enough to have a variety of health and wellness experts, business owners in the health industry, clean beauty advocates and wellness influencers share their experiences and views on how to live a conscious life. Enjoy!


Madilyn Wolens@the_functional_nurse

Question 1.Introduce yourself and what you do in the health and wellness space…


I am a Registered Nurse. I work both in the hospital system on an Orthopaedic ward and also work as a Cosmetic Nurse in a skin clinic. My passion is educating my patients on how to feel and look their best from the inside out and outside in! I’m all about skin health and understanding your skins triggers to ensure long term results. 


Question 2. What does conscious living mean to you and how do you implement this into your daily life?


This is something I work on daily for myself. For me, my understanding is to not go into auto pilot mode. Often times I am so busy and stressed that I barely remember my drive to work, or barely remember the last time I kissed and hugged my partner.


I now try and take a few deep breaths each day and take in the moment. If I’m drinking my coffee, I will now do it consciously and slowly to savour the flavour and my surroundings. I have also implemented a rule at home, no phones after 8pm. This is my time purely with my partner to savour our precious time together.


In terms of my overall health, I aim once a week to sit and be conscious of what my body is feeling, i.e. dehydrated, exhausted, tense etc. This is something I would like to be doing daily (and encourage my patients to do) but it can take some practise and time to work it into your daily regimen. 


A big thank you to Madilyn for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us her thoughts on conscious living. It’s a great reminder to enjoy your surroundings and savour precious moments with loved ones. Additionally, tuning into our body’s needs is so imperative for optimal mental and physical health and something that we can all implement into our daily routines. Thank you Madi! xx

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