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Conscious Living Segment: Part 2 with Shontina Rose - Fashion Model - Vayda Organics

Conscious Living Segment: Part 2 with Shontina Rose - Fashion Model


Conscious Living Segment: Part 2 with Shontina Rose - Fashion Model


The Vayda Organics Conscious Living Segment is a great opportunity for us to interview incredible Health + Wellness advocates about how they live consciously in today’s fast paced world. Enjoy!


Shontina Rose @shontinarose

Question 1. Introduce yourself and what you do in the health and wellness space…


My name is Shontina, I have been working as a model for 8 years now, and as of the last 5 years I have also been a social media influencer. I am genuinely very passionate about leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is also a responsibility in my job role and as an influence on others.


Question 2. What does conscious living mean to you?


To me, conscious living means an evaluation of one word: “awareness”. Through having awareness in all aspects of our lives and the world we live in, we are truly understanding of not only ourselves as a human being, but also the world around us. Each little or big thought we have, actively shapes our views on not only our day-to-day lives but also the way we see and treat the world as a whole. The more we are aware of how we are impacting ourselves, others around us, and the earth - the more conscious we become, and the more power we invest in ourselves to make a positive influence or change in the way that we live. Consciousness is power. Power to make a difference.


Question 3. How do you implement this into your daily life?


I try to implement more conscious living into my daily life by taking time to ask myself and others around me what I can do to improve - whether it be positively influence on a certain topic, rekindle a relationship, choose an environmentally friendly skincare product or only use brands which are environmentally sustainable, or find a way in my day-to-day living to contribute to the environment and/or community, even if it’s something small I find that it not only helps look after the world that we live in, but also makes myself feel good.


A big thank you to Shontina for taking the time out of her busy schedule to give us her thoughts on conscious living. This is a great reminder to be aware of your surroundings and stay in the present moment. Additionally, Shontina touches on the power of our thoughts and how they impact ourselves, others and our environment. Thank you Shontina! xx



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