Conscious Living Segment: Part 3 with Claudia Cramer - Qualified Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian

September 19, 2019 2 min read

Conscious Living Segment: Part 3 with Claudia Cramer - Qualified Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian - Vayda Organics

Conscious Living Segment: Part 3 with Claudia Cramer - Qualified Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian


The Vayda Organics Conscious Living Segment is a great opportunity for us to interview incredible Health + Wellness Professionals about how they live consciously in today’s fast paced world. Over the coming weeks we are fortunate enough to have a variety of health and wellness experts, business owners in the health industry, clean beauty advocates and wellness influencers share their experiences and views on how to live a conscious life. Enjoy!


Claudia Cramer @claudiacramerdietitian

Question 1. Introduce yourself and what you do in the health and wellness space.


My name is Claudia Cramer and I'm a Brisbane-based Nutritionist and Provisional Sports Dietitian.  My passion for getting into the Health and Wellness space and Dietetics comes from my own struggle with eating poorly and seeing how it affected my mental health in my early teens. I decided to follow my passion of understanding how I could better understand the human body and how best to fuel it, and moved to Brisbane to begin my Bachelor and Masters Degrees. 


Coupling that with a diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune disease in my early 20’s, I decided to spend my days not only working on clients and bettering their eating and lifestyle, but also my own. I will always be a student of Nutrition and Science and seeing how I can better my lifestyle and those around me. 


Currently, I work for Fitstop Australia as their Sports Dietitian, consulting to various companies and brands to provide reviews and recipes through my personal brand (@claudiacramerdietitian) as well as seeing clients 1-on-1 who are looking to improve their health or want more individualised help ( 


Question 2. What does conscious living mean to you?


The first thing that pops into mind when I think about conscious living is living with intent. To me, even if this is not always a ‘positive’ thing i.e. anxiety, stress etc. that I am aware of this and aim to live with intent to get through this. 


Question 3. How do you implement this into your daily life?


I implement this into my everyday life by adding certain foods and supplements into my lifestyle that have a specific response. For example: if I am feeling stressed or anxious, I will turn on my salt lamp and oil diffuser next to my bed and use calming scents such as lavender. Nutrition wise, I will work on my gut. Adding plenty of herbs, spices, onion, garlic, greens and fermented foods to my meals. 


Other ways I use intent in my day is with my skin care and self-care. I will take the time to have a hot shower, a treatment to exfoliate or deeply cleanse my face and then add some nice oils to finish. 


A huge thank you to Claudia for taking time out of her busy schedule to share her incredible knowledge and tips that she implements into her daily life to stay conscious. It’s fantastic to get a Dietitian’s insights into how she deals with stress and anxiety and how gut health is so important! Thank you Claudia!! xx


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