Muslin Facial Cloth

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Muslin Facial Cloth - 100% Muslin Cotton
Our 100% muslin cotton facial cloths are perfect to pair with our Facial Cleanser and is a must have in any skincare routine! We chose 100% muslin cotton for our facial cloths because of their incredible quality. They are very gentle on the skin but have amazing exfoliating properties that leave the skin feeling soft and clean.
How to use: After you have applied your cleanser, rinse the muslin facial cloth under warm water and gently remove your cleanser from your face. Muslin has excellent exfoliating properties, so please keep in mind that when removing your cleanser you do not rub too harshly causing damage to the skin.
Care Instructions: After use, rise in hot water and hang to dry. When needed, wash on a gentle wash at 40 degrees Celsius. (Care instructions are also on facial cloth tag).
Specifications: Size - 50cm x 28cm

Customer Reviews

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Emily H.
A beautiful cloth.

A very think, great quality cloth. I use this to remove my oil cleanser. Works beautifully and washes up great. This cloth would also be great for breastfeeding mums as a burp cloth.

Worth the wait

This is the best face cloth I have used! Larger than an ordinary face washer and so soft on my skin. I’ll be ordering another :raised_hands::heart:️

Sarah T.
Perfect Cleansing Towel

I love my new muslin cleansing facial towel because it feels so gentle on my skin but still feels like it is properly cleaning my pores. It's perfect in combination with the Facial Cleanser to really feel like your skin is getting a good clean!